5 Highly Important Skills required in today’s time to do BEST in Personal and Professional Life

In today’s fast-paced world we need to develop certain new skills to survive and become successful. These skills are mostly ignored skills, but now irrespective of age, education, and profession everyone needs to be good at these skills. In this article Author, Anand Devchakke highlighted those skills which are most important and essential. 

▪ Time changes very fast. Just take a pause and think. What has changed from the 1950s to till today. The way we are communicating, the way we are doing and developing our business, the way we are dealing, the way we are interacting and connecting with each other, etc. Everything is changing and will keep on changing. New Changes always bring New Challenges. Right..? To face these challenges and move ahead in our personal and professional life we must have the following skills developed. 

1) Skill of Reading a Person:  

We read books to gain knowledge but now with reading the books we also need to develop our ability or skill to read a person. Each person we meet has his own story or experience. Every  Person is a library of knowledge and experience. Reading a person will help to deal with him and also learn from him/her lot’s of useful things. A person communicates with two types Verbal and Non-Verbal. Both are very important to understanding a person. Reading and Understanding one person in a day is equal to 100 books. While speaking person sometimes uses some specific words without saying anything direct we need to understand the story behind the words. Journalists are experts in this. Some experts say it is more important to understand the  Non-Verbal language. But in today’s world both Verbal and Non-Verbal Language helps you to understand the person more properly. This skill definitely will help you to deal with different types of personalities or get the work done from your juniors or pass the message or change your speech according. Many times audience gives the message to the speaker through their body posture or gestures. It helps the speaker to understand whether his or her speech is getting bored or interesting. 

2) Communication Skills: 

Communication skill is an essential skills in personal and professional life. Communication skill is basically person-person communication. Your talking style, words, topics, voice modulation,  tone, confidence, expression of your knowledge, etc all hold a very important position in your communication. You should have some knowledge of all current topics or issues whether you like it or not. So that you can make a good impression and communication. Smooth,  confident, and proper communication with using the right combination of words at the right place and time will definitely help you to write well, speak well, and also read well. Communication Skill is important, especially in developing new relations. Definitely, this skill will help you to maintain balance in your personal and professional life also. 

3) Digital Creativity and Presentation skills:  

Because of Covid we all moved Digital. Most branding, marketing activities, messaging,  learning, etc are happening on digital platforms with lots of creativeness using. Irrespective of your profession you need to develop certain creativity skills. Designing a page, sending a message, launching something new, announcing, and sending an invitation all involve digital platforms and creativeness. You cannot always hire any digital expert every time. So you need to learn some tools to help you to present your ideas or message with creativeness. If you are preparing any PowerPoint presentation you need to understand skills of using animation, using the right picture or image, page layout, color psychology, etc to make your presentation a ‘wow’  presentation. If you are a teacher, professor Trainer, or any person you need to be the best at your presentation with creativeness. So today’s boring PowerPoint presentation will have no space in the future. 

4) Using of Social Media Platforms:  

Many times it is said that to avoid social media. But I think it is very important and essential. First, we need to accept that the whole world is now connected on social Media Platforms. Most of the communication/meetings etc are happening on Social Media. So we cannot ignore the importance and role of social media in our daily life. You need to be good or to some level expert in handling social media. Such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc. Yes, it is important but with needs base use of it. Some people proudly say that I don’t know your Twitter or FB or Instagram. I don’t believe in it. It is ok but complete ignorance of such an important platform will not help us to move ahead in the changing life. We need to match the pace of society.

5) Skill of Public Speaking:  

If you want to move ahead, especially in your professional life Public Speaking skill is very important. Public speaking is an opportunity for you to win and impress hundreds or thousands of people with your stunning style and speech. Many times people avoid speaking in public because of fear of public speaking. But in today’s time, one cannot avoid or ignore this very much essential skill. Many people speak but failed to make an impression. Here developing your  Public Speaking Skills plays a very important role. So to be good at public speaking will always help you to present your ideas, develop your natural style and receive wow feedback. People will become fans of your style.  

▪ Unfortunately, all the above skills are not a full part of any academic syllabus yet. In the future (even today) our degree will not have that much importance but the above skills set. What does an interviewer checks in an interview..? 

Wish you all the best!  

Thanks for reading. Waiting for your kind feedback.

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