Beat the Stress with Fruitology

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Stress which is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’, as we humans strive all our lives on improving our outer persona ignoring the inner persona completely. And in the bargain blame ‘Stress’ for everything. But what is this STRESS?

Stress is unavoidable and part of our body, yes, our MIND to be precise. Stress is nothing but our body’s response to any kind of threat or demand – The ‘Fight-or-Flight’ response.  In other words, stress is the internal chatter which happens in our mind, taking over our judgements, controlling our emotions and imposing opinions or assuming things, resulting in ANXIETY if the chatter is not controlled. For example, when you are giving exam, we tend to get stressed and anxious as our unconscious mind is asking us. So, it is not the exam which is stressful as answer sheet, or question paper are not stressed, it is our conscious mind which normally responds to the situation, our response which is triggered by the release of hormones that prepare our body to either stay and deal with a threat or to run away to safety. 

Beat the Stress with Fruitology Technique

MANGO Therapy (Keep CALM & Eat AAM)

M – Music TherapyListen to musicMusic is not only stress reliever but also help in calming you down and stimulate your mind.Children can benefit from Music for example by playing soothing music or classical while studying or upbeat music to wake up or relax with instrumental music. 
A – Affirmations and Positive AttitudeTrain your brain for positive self-talk Try to look at ‘Glass Half Full’ instead of ‘Glass Half Empty’Use positive statements (affirmations) to overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughtsFor instance: 1. Think of thoughts or behaviour you wish to change2. Think of positive and achievable realistic statements which are opposite of negative thoughts.3. Think and repeat the positive affirmations as many times in a day as possible (in your mind)
N – NO (Art of saying NO)The Art of Saying NOSimple ResponseBe firm and directStrong body languageAlways remember, you do not need permission to say ‘NO’Get/Buy yourself more timeConsider your options by thinking over it Do not get into Guilt TripSometimes it is necessary for children to hear NO (to develop sense of self control)It is necessary skill to negotiate adult lifeBe true to yourselfWhat you truly wish to have should be clear in your mind
G – Get Enough Sleep‘Happiness consists of Getting Enough sleep’National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for both young adults (18-25) and adults (26-64)Power naps whenever you needGood sleep is not only necessary for good learning but also to keep stress levels down
O – A yellow smiley face

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceSMILE its free therapySmiling helps reduce stress response in body Smiling can lower heart rate during stressed situationsSmile tricks brain into HAPPINESS

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